“Greek Language Courses for Third Country Nationals (adults)”


The Cyprus Labour Institute – PEO in collaboration with the University of Cyprus and funding by the European Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (90%) and the Republic of Cyprus (10%), started the implementation of the “Greek Language Courses (adults)” project, for Third Country Nationals (TCN).

The project concerns the implementation of Greek language learning courses for adult third country nationals. The classes are implemented within the framework of a broader effort to improve the communication skills of TCNs through the development of key competencies in the Greek language with an emphasis on their simple oral and written communication to facilitate their integration into Cypriot society and to prevent their social exclusion.

In other words, the beneficiaries will acquire skills in the Greek language that will help them in their search for a job, the improvement of their living standards and conditions, their easier communication with the authorities and organizations of the Republic of Cyprus with whom they have to deal with, their colleagues at their workplace or in general with other people in their social environment and everyday life.

Within the Third Country Nationals’ target group are included: (a) persons under the refugee status or subsidiary protection status; (b) persons who have applied for refugee or subsidiary protection status; (c) persons enjoying temporary protection; and (d) and / or legally working in Cyprus.

Courses will be offered free of charge to all districts of free Cyprus, where at least three levels of teaching will be provided. A total of 470 people will participate all over Cyprus (urban and rural areas), as well as courses will be offered at the Kofinou Reception and Accommodation Center for Applications for International Protection.

The agreement between INEK - PEO and the University of Cyprus, and the European Funds Unit of the Ministry of Interior, respectively, was signed on the 11th of February, 2019. The project will be completed on 31 July 2020.

For the relevant application form to participate in the Greek language courses in English, please click here.

For the relevant application form to participate in the Greek language courses in Arabic, please click here.