Public presentation of the Comparative Analytical Report on the Effects of the Economic Crisis on GPG in Cyprus, Greece and Portugal

International Conference

Within the framework of this project, in the 23rd of June 2016, took place the international conference titled “Gender Pay Gap in the era of economic crisis".  The conference was organised by the Cyprus Labour Institute (INEKPEO)...



Public presentation of the research "The gender pay gap in the hotel industry of Cyprus"

On 31st March 2016, a public presentation of the Research “The gender pay gap in the hotel industry in Cyprus” took place...

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Our project was organized on the basis of the three main activities (workstreams):

Workstream 1: Considering the Gender Pay Gap in the Era of the Economic Crisis

The first objective of this workstream was to research, review and analyse the determinants of gender pay gap in the hotel industry of Cyprus eliminating, in this way, the existing gap of knowledge in the specific sector in relation to the other two participant countries – Greece and Portugal – that similar projects occurred in the past. The aim went further and was directed towards the transferability of the research outcomes to a broader audience at the EU level. The second objective highlighted the value of the comparability of the effects that the current economic crisis had on gender pay gap in Cyprus, Greece and Portugal. This went further and compared the situation prior to the crisis in relation to the gender pay gap. The workstream also aimed to bring together experts working on issues of gender equity and the gender pay gap and to create synergies for future collaborations and exchange of knowledge and practices.
The main products of this workstream were:

  • A Research Study on the Factors Affecting the Gender Pay Gap in the Hotel Industry in Cyprus.
  • A Comparative Analytical Report titled ‘The Effects of the Economic Crisis on GPG: A Comparative Analytical Report between Cyprus, Greece and Portugal’.
  • International Conference on Gender Pay Gap in the EU in the era of economic crisis.

Workstream 2: Transferability of Best Practices on Job Evaluation and GPG

The main objective of this workstream was the transfer of skills, practices and knowledge of previous work on job evaluation and GPG that the Portuguese partner acquired within the framework of another similar project. Valuing thus on the transferability of best practices, the aim of this workstream was to modify, adjust, put into practice and pre-test the Portuguese evaluation tool into the frame of the Cypriot and Greek hotel industry. An additional objective was the production of a manual that would be available and used not only by the partnership but by a broader group of experts working on GPG. The production of the manual was a first step towards the expansion of job evaluation and GPG in other sectors of economy in both Cyprus and Greece.  
This workstream included:

  1. Adaptation of the Job Evaluation Tool and training for Cyprus, Greece and Portugal.
  2. Piloting the Job Evaluation Tool in Cyprus and Greece.
  3. Public Presentation of the Evaluation Tool.

Workstream 3: Social Dialogue, Mutual Learning and Collective Bargaining

This workstream aimed to (1) initiate a dialogue in all participant countries between trade unionists and employers including cross-cutting aspects of GPG such as the need for negotiation, consultation, equality of opportunities, equality on treatment at work, career development and exchange of knowledge (2) promote and include equal pay for work of equal value between men and women in collective bargaining and the collective agreements and (3) produce manuals addressing social dialogue and collective bargaining for a broader audience of trade unionists and employers.
This workstream included:

  1. Training for the module on Gender Pay Gap.
  2. A manual on GPG Mainstreaming in Social Dialogue.
  3. Similation of collective bargaining on GPG techniques.



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