Public presentation of the Comparative Analytical Report on the Effects of the Economic Crisis on GPG in Cyprus, Greece and Portugal

International Conference

Within the framework of this project, in the 23rd of June 2016, took place the international conference titled “Gender Pay Gap in the era of economic crisis".  The conference was organised by the Cyprus Labour Institute (INEKPEO)...



Public presentation of the research "The gender pay gap in the hotel industry of Cyprus"

On 31st March 2016, a public presentation of the Research “The gender pay gap in the hotel industry in Cyprus” took place...

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Training Seminar on Gender Pay Gap Mainstreaming in Social Dialogue


As part of the project’s objective to promote pay equality in social dialogue, the partner organisations prepared and implemented the training seminar on gender pay gap in social dialogue which took place simultaneously in the three countries of the project, namely Cyprus, Greece and Portugal. The seminar was held from 25 to 27 October, 2016 and lasted around 20 hours. It was attended by 108 individuals; 22 in Cyprus, 20 in Greece, and 66 in Portugal.

The aim of the seminar was to train social partners on mainstreaming equal pay into social dialogue. More particularly, the seminar aspired to make the participants more conscious and informed in regard to gender pay gap and to suggest useful methods and tools which could be used by the social partners in the framework of social dialogue and collective bargaining to promote pay equality. The attendees included representatives of trade unions, employers’ organisations, governmental and non-governmental stakeholders while the instructors included members of the project’s scientific team as well as other experts.

The leading partner of the activity was the Center for Research on Women’s Issues, DIOTIMA, which is a Greek partner of the project. DIOTIMA prepared a training module with the objectives, the curriculum and the material of the training seminar. Based on the module, the partners from each participant country made some country-specific adaptations and implemented the training seminar in their country.


Training Seminars in Portugal                                     Training Seminars in Greece                                           Training Seminars in Cypurs                        

The seminar consisted of three main parts. The first part focused on making the participants more familiar with key concepts and help them understand the current situation in regard to gender pay gap in Europe, and in their country. This part included presentations and activities aiming to explain concepts such as gender, gender pay gap, gender stereotypes in work, gender mainstreaming, and the principle of equal pay for work of equal value. The second part of the seminar dealt with methods and tools aiming to promote gender equity and gender mainstreaming in social dialogue. Examples of such tools are job evaluation tools, the assessment of the gender impact of the collective agreements, gender-responsive monitoring, gender auditing, establishment of gender equality observatories, action plans and others. The third part was devoted in gender mainstreaming within the process of negotiations. It referred to preparing for negotiations, guiding on how to develop negotiating plans and strategies, learning important information on the subject such as the major gender inequalities, the relevant ILO conventions, the constitutional and legal framework.

The presentations given at the seminar in Cyprus can be found at the Greek version of the project’s website.

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