Public presentation of the Comparative Analytical Report on the Effects of the Economic Crisis on GPG in Cyprus, Greece and Portugal

International Conference

Within the framework of this project, in the 23rd of June 2016, took place the international conference titled “Gender Pay Gap in the era of economic crisis".  The conference was organised by the Cyprus Labour Institute (INEKPEO)...



Public presentation of the research "The gender pay gap in the hotel industry of Cyprus"

On 31st March 2016, a public presentation of the Research “The gender pay gap in the hotel industry in Cyprus” took place...

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In order to increase awareness and understanding of the gender pay gap, the project implemented an awareness-raising campaign which aimed to inform the public on the existence of the pay inequalities between men and women and to advocate the importance of pay equity.


An important material produced by the project within this framework was the audiovisual spot titled “Let’s bridge the gap: it’s vital!”. The spot was broadcast on several TV channels and published in social media, such as Facebook, twitter and YouTube. It is also accessible on the homepage project’s website, where it can be found with English subtitles.


Moreover, in the context of the campaign, the project team prepared printed material on pay equality in three languages (English, Greek and Portuguese) with the general slogan “Equal work—Equal Pay”. This included four types of printed material: a poster, a leaflet, a bookmark, and a sticker, which were distributed to public and work places. 






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