Workstream 3:

Awareness-Raising Campaign

Worstream 3 lasts for four months; it begins in May 2015 and ends in August 2015

The main objective of this workstream is to increase awareness and understanding of equality and discrimination among the general public, trade unionists and representatives of civil society, employees and employers, influencing their attitudes, beliefs and practices and aiming at long lasting changes. This will be met through a campaign comprising of a variety of activities and production of materials.The campaign will advocate for the importance of equality and non-discrimination highlighting the barriers that discriminatory attitudes, behaviour and practices affect both individuals and society as a whole. The campaign will also emphasize the benefits of putting into practice equality and non-discrimination.


  1. Public and Workplace Awareness-Raising Campaign
  1. Social Media Awareness-Raising Campaign: RADIAlert Story Telling and Personal Testimonies
  1. Empowering the Rainbow Festival
  1. Production of Flyers, Banners Leaflets, Stickers, Posters and all Purpose Bags.


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