National Conference: Non-Discrimination Mainstreaming and Diversity Management: From Theory to Practice


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Το Ινστιτούτο Εργασίας Κύπρου (ΙΝΕΚ-ΠΕΟ) ανακοινώνει την έναρξη του προγράμματος με τίτλο ‘Action Against Discrimination:



While Cyprus is becoming a diverse society, and while a lot of work has been done insofar as the legislation framework on anti-discrimination is concerned, the reality is that there is a long way ahead towards the implementation of the principles of anti-discrimination in policies, in public actions and in public and private organizations and businesses. Even more, the sensitization of the general public on issues of equality in view of the economic cirsis is declining. The capacities of male and female professionals working with equality – e.g. business and union executives, managers and trade unionists – need opportunities of advancement. The research based knowledge on discrimination is low. Additionally, as cultural diversity becomes a reality in all areas of life, the workplace is by far the most profound environment where discrimination is practiced. Diversity management, thus, is an imperative need for public and private organizations. Bearing in mind this gap of anti-discrimination practice, the ultimate aim of this project is to challenge the extant state of tradition by (1) assembling experts and professionals from the EU and from Cyprus into a working environment of exchanging good practices, experiences and mutual learning, (2) setting down training modules and carrying out specialized training for professionals working on anti-discrimination, (3) carrying out multiple discrimination research, (4) producing printed, electronic and audiovisual material for dissemination and (5) employing a broad spectrum of means in embedding an anti-discrimination awareness into the general public. The project’s activities aim at addressing all grounds of discrimination. In some activities, though, ethnicity and religious belief will be particularly highlighted.


Thus, the project objectives and the content of the activities, meet the terms of objectives of the PROGRESS call of equality, which promotes equality beyond legislation, fosters dissemination of information at EU and national level and identifies transferable best practices within the European frame.


The expected results of the proposed activities vary. In relation to the research activity, it is expected that fresh knowledge on multiple discrimination directly from employees as well from men and women with multiple identities experiencing discrimination will be produced contributing, thus, to the construction than the accumulation of qualitative research-based knowledge. Additionally, it is expected that professionals following the specialized training modules as well as the conference will build their capacities and increase their influence in dealing with anti-discrimination issues and diversity management within their organizations. Finally, it is expected that the campaign will boost the general public awareness on equality, the consequences of discrimination as well as the benefits of eliminating it. With the completion of each activity, a number of tangible outputs will be produced, including manuals, research reports and audiovisual and printed materials as well intangible ones such as seminars and conferences. The target audience varies depending on each of the proposed activity. It ranges from policy makers to the general public, experts and professionals, trade unionists, union and business executives, employees and employers. Similarly, the beneficiaries differ based upon the activities thought that some of the outputs of certain activities are intangible, the beneficiary is considered to be the society as a whole.


Methodologically, the working team takes a process-oriented approach in implementing its activities and in constructing related knowledge; that is, it pays close attention at every stage of the project in order to extract meaning from the produced data. The researchers are very attentive to all aspects of the process including the general conceptualization of the project and the interrelation between the phases of the project.






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